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1-2-1 Therapy

Unless you are local, I offer therapy through the medium of Zoom. The sessions last around one and a half hours and they cost 75 UK pounds.

To book an appointment with me, please contact me here:

My number one goal

In therapy, my focus is to help you to resolve the issues that you bring to the therapy session as quickly as possible. Sometimes, what are called our ‘presenting problems’ or the issue we think that we have, are nothing more than the effect of a deeper cause. My job is to be the ‘detective’ and to work with you to uncover the real root cause of your issue.

My promise to you is that I will help you do that as speedily as possible. My outcome is always to help you to find balance again. It is not my goal to have life-long clients.

Issues that I work with

Spiritual coaching

Other than formal therapy, I also offer Spiritual Life Coaching. We are living in times in which many of us are waking up to what is important in life. Many of us are asking important questions such as:

I have found that, over the years, my therapies have changed significantly and that I spend much of my time helping those who are seeking to reinvent themselves spiritually. This is part of my work that, for me, is particularly gratifying.

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