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Healing the Child and the Past – Releasing trauma

We often meet many people who seem to go through this life as though they were riding with a buckled wheel. They seem to go from one difficult situation to another and rarely have a smooth ride.

The question is: Where did they buckle that wheel in the first place?

The answer, of course, is at some point in their infancy.

The longer I have the pleasure of helping people to heal, the more I realise that people have issues as adults is because they carry a wounded child within them that dearly needs to be healed. This is the sad, angry, petulant child that appears out of nowhere when we, as adults, find ourselves in difficult situations.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that when we find ourselves in difficult situations, our behaviour becomes almost childlike as we shout, scream, stamp our feet or cry in the face of the thing that triggers us.

Our job, as therapists, is to help our clients to heal the trapped and wounded child and then help to integrate the child so that the client becomes whole again.

This course will guide you through this very process using the medium of hypnosis.

Course content:

Course duration: This is an 8 hour, two day online course

Certificate: Upon finishing the course successfully, you will be certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Healing the Past

Course cost: £175 UK pounds

Up and coming course dates: March 12th-13th, 2022

There will be two courses available:

Contact Gordon to book your place:

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