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Become a certified Clinical Hypnosis clinician

Learning how to guide your client into healing hypnosis.

This course is now available for you to complete at home, in your own time. You can get it here! The Clinical Hypnosis course is the springboard for you to go on and complete the following healing in hypnosis courses that Gordon offers.

Once you have mastered this process and have attained your Clinical Hypnosis clinician certificate, you can them move on to incorporate any manner of healing modalities into your ‘toolbox’ of therapies.

Note: Unless you already have been certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, or something of similar skill level in the hypnosis field, then you will need to take this course before you can move on to the remaining courses available.

Learning Steps:

Outcome: To be certified in Hypnotic Induction in a clinical setting

Upcoming dates available: TBC

Course duration: This is an 8 hour, 2 day online course

There will be two courses available:

Course cost: £175 UK pounds

Contact Gordon to book your place:

NOTE: Certification can be given once you have completed the course and provided a live recording of your hypnotic induction with a client. (Always be sure to have the permission of the client.)

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