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Don’t be TRIGGERED ever again!

In this session, Gordon shares with you a fantastic technique to help you avoid those ‘triggering’ moments in life and that allows you to be happy, even when the going gets tough.

So, you want to be a therapist?

In this session, Gordon gives some very sound reasons why you should follow your desires to be a therapist. Listen in as he shares some important information about the way things work in this universe.

Building your Therapy business A pep-talk

In this session, Gordon offers you some great advice on how to build your therapy business. These days it’s not so easy to get started, especially if you are wanted to create a living using your skills. Listen in as Gordon offers his experience and sharing the ‘secret to doing things well’.

Self Forgiveness Course 11th and 12th of November 2023

Hello, everyone!                             I do hope that everyone is doing well and managing these turbulent times! You have asked to attend the Self Forgiveness course on the 11th and 12th of November which is a Saturday and Sunday. The first session will start on both days at 10am Spanish…

LIVE Hypnotic Induction explained

In this session, Gordon takes you through a fascinating hypnotic induction and breaks down the multiple facets involved. You might be surprised just how many subtle language patterns are present in what appears to be a gentle chat. Join us to learn some of the secrets of the hypnotic induction.

The Hypnosis Academy’ Shorts

You may be interested in catching up on the shorts that we make every now and again with little insights into this ‘woo woo’ world that we are all getting into. To see the shorts, just subscribe to the channel and they come to you each time. Just click HERE to see them all.

Forgiveness of Self. Why so Important?

Join Gordon as he talks through the importance of self-forgiveness and why it is so hard for people to get there. If you want to join Gordon on the 11th and 12th of November, 2023 on the Self Forgiveness Course which is donation only, please contact Gordon at:

Past Life Regression Course The best bits 1

Take a look at some juicy snippets from our online Past Life Regression course that is available for you on from our website! Would you like to be able to help people have this wonderful experience? You can see the course availability here!

Chunking up – The results – Ego Ascension Course

In this video we share an example of chunking up with Brad who kindly assisted us during the Ego Ascension Course. (You can download this course freely with donation only!) Join us as we see the results that can come from helping someone to reach a state of bliss and peace never before felt.


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