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Helping your client when their life comes crashing down!

More and more we see our clients lives coming to a spectacular ending where it appears that they lose everything and have to start again. How do we help them? How can we re frame the apparent disaster? Listen as Gordon explains his viewpoint in this subject.

Do we let our client sink or swim?

Are there times when we can hinder our clients progress by stopping them from hitting rock bottom? What is our role as therapists? Listen in to Gordon’s opinions on this very interesting subject.

When therapy goes bad!

In this video, Gordon talks about how to handle the fact that the therapy has gone badly. Is it your fault? Is it the clients fault? Are they being resistant? Are you just not good enough? Find out what Gordon’s take is on all of this!

Clean and Dirty language in therapy

No, this is not what you think! We are not talking about the use of profanity in therapy. Rather, we are looking at how you can avoid projecting your own biases onto your clients. However, we also explain how using dirty language with your clients is very valuable.  

Destructive Comparisons and how to avoid them

In this videocast, Gordon talks about the destructive comparisons that we make between ourselves and others. Why do we do it and how can we avoid falling into this trap? Join Gordon as he offers his insights on this subject.


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