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Past Life Regression and Higher Self work in hypnosis

These days there is an ever growing interest in the Past Life experience along with talking to the Higher Self.

Both experiences can be life changing and can help you to re-align your life path and discover your true purpose.

Thanks to a wonderful opportunity I had to demonstrate this process to a large audience, much of the work that I do these days with my clients is in this area.

These sessions last for around one hour and a half and cost 75 UK pounds. There is no preparation except for you to create between 8 to 10 questions that we will ask your Higher Self to answer.

What should I ask my Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is an expert on YOU. However, it is not necessarily and expert on areas outside of you and your environment. Therefore, it is always better to focus your questions on learning more about you and about what you need to know so that you can grow as a person.

Avoid the WHEN questions

Remember that the Higher Self is not of these realms and, therefore, it is not bound by time. When we ask the Higher Self a ‘when’ question, it often avoids the question or gives a very vague answer. We suggest that you avoid them.

Make open questions

The Higher Self is, typically, very efficient when it speaks and tends to answer your questions concisely and to the point. If you ask it a ‘yes-no’ question, often that is the answer that you get and no more!

The secret to get the best answers is to ask open questions. These are the questions that start with:

Who? What?, Where? How?

These questions can’t be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and so you can be sure that you will get some great advice from your Higher Self.

If you would like to book a Past Life Regression and/or Higher Self session with Gordon, then contact him here:

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