Who is Gordon?

Hi, my name is Gordon Smith Durán. Thank you for your interest in our resources. I was born in the UK and now live in Spain with my beautiful wife, my two children and two dogs.

I’ve been practicing various kinds of therapies for the last 15 years with my main focus being on the use of Clinical Hypnosis to help people to heal themselves.

You can come and join me on my various channels:

Bitchute – HealYourself Therapies

YouTube – HealYourself Therapies

Telegram – Peaceful Rebellion conversation group

Telegram – Peaceful Rebellion channel

Youtube – The Hypnosis Academy

Along with teaching and practicing hypnosis, I am also a qualified practitioner of:

  • Havening – A trauma/P.T.S.D. release technique
  • E.F.T. – A trauma release/Energy balance therapy
  • Eye Movement Integration – A trauma release technique
  • N.L.P. – Learning to control and utilise the mind
  • Provocative Therapy – For the braver souls that need a kick-start

Past Life Regression and Higher Self work

In the more recent past, much of my focus has been on helping my clients to experience some of their past lives in a very safe and comfortable way, along with guiding them to connect with their Higher Self. These experiences can often be life altering and, would you believe that the most common word that my clients utter upon returning to waking consciousness, is: ‘Wow!’

If you are interested in experiencing a PLR and Higher Self session, or would like to be trained in this skill, contact Gordon at: thehypnosisacademy@gmail.com