Become a Hypnotherapist

Do you feel drawn to help others? Does the idea of using hypnosis get your heart racing? Then this could be the right opportunity for you!

The Hypnosis Academy now offers various courses in Hypnosis, starting with the first and most important one, which is how to guide someone into hypnosis.

Take a look at the courses that are on offer! All courses cost 175 UK pounds. To make inquiries or to book your place, please contact Gordon at:

Parts Therapy: Helping your client to resolve internal conflicts

12-13th of November, 2022.

Using Hypnosis for physical healing: Finding the emotional causes of illness

10-11th of December, 2022

Energy Healing Techniques to relieve trauma: Help your client to find balance again

21-22nd of January, 2023

Helping the EGO ascend! Working with your values and beliefs…and your EGO

This course is donation only and all are welcome

1st and 2nd of April, 2023

Contact Gordon to let him know that you wish to attend.

You can learn more about the courses here:

Note: Before you enroll in any of the Healing Modality courses, you should attend the: Become a certified Clinical Hypnosis clinician, or be certified in Clinical Hypnosis through another body.

To become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, you don’t need to wait for a new course to run! You can complete the ONLINE course by going HERE.

Our past courses that will be repeated in 2023:

Principal course before moving on:

Become a certified Clinical Hypnosis clinician

Healing Modality courses:

Healing the Child – Releasing past trauma

Chair Therapy – Relationship trauma resolution

Past Life Regression and Higher self work