Past life regression and Higher Self work in Hypnosis

In this incredible moment in which we are living, amidst the Great Awakening, many people are seeking out answers to who they really are. We all want to know what our life purpose is and why we have been put here right at this moment.

They say that to know where you are, you need to look to where you have come from. This course teaches you to safely guide your client back to a previous life, experience that life and then learn the lessons from it.

You then are shown how to connect with the client’s Higher Self so that it can answer the questions that your client has.

The course content includes:

  • The Beach of Time: Augmenting the clients senses
  • Clean language
  • Creating expectation
  • The power of three
  • How to help your client create their past life
  • Post Hypnotic suggestions
  • Connecting with the Higher Self
  • Working with the Higher Self
  • Post Hypnotic suggestions
  • Live group practice

Course duration: This is an 8 hour, 2 day online course

There will be two courses available:

  • from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm Mainland Spanish Time each day (for those in the time zones ahead of Spain- e.g. Australia/New Zealand)
  • from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm Mainland Spanish Time each day (for those in the time zones behind us e.g. USA/Canada)
  • Those who are in Central Europe Time can choose the more convenient course for them.

Course cost: £175 UK pounds

Certification: You will be certified as a Past Life and Higher Self clinician

Course dates: New dates to be confirmed

Contact Gordon to book your place:

5 thoughts on “Past life regression and Higher Self work in Hypnosis

  1. Hi, I am a qualified RTT Hypnotherapist, although I have helped people face to face, my plan to help people using zoom has been on hold. Past life regression to help people keeps coming up for me, so this course sounds like what I may need to add to my tool kit.

  2. Dear Gordon
    I attended your clinical hypnosis therapist training course in January and am now looking to take the next past life regression course in February. Is there still a place available for me? Greetings Melanie

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