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This is a home-study course that allows you to learn to use Clinical Hypnosis. You now have a step by step guide to help you understand what Hypnosis is and how to use it to help others.

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Are you looking to increase your skills? Does hypnosis interest you?

If you have answered yes, then this is the perfect course for you.  In this Clinical Hypnotherapy course, you will gain the following skills:

  • How to remove your clients blockages and fears
  • How to use Hypnotic Pre-Talk effectively
  • How to induce trance in your client
  • How to compound suggestions
  • How to develop your hypnotic voice
  • Understanding and using hypnotic language
  • Recognising the signs of hypnosis
  • Two powerful deepening techniques

The 8 hour course is filled with practical demonstrations of each of the processes along with in depth discussions and Q/As that really allow you to get all you need to know to really be a great Hypnotherapist.

This course is designed to be the springboard for you to be able to go forward, adding additional skills to your hypnotic therapy portfolio. Each additional course will lead you to a level of competence and skill that will allow you to be able to help others and yourself!

Disclaimer: Please ensure that these powerful tools are used for the highest good and always be sure to seek out liability insurance before you go on to practise in an environment beyond friends and family.

Certification: You can receive certification of this course, once completed, by sending us a live recording of your hypnotic induction used with a client. Please be sure to have the client’s permission to record the induction.



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