The EGO ASCENSION course – Donation only


Do you feel that your EGO sometimes gets the better of you? Have you been trying to reject or ignore your EGO? This course re-frames the whole idea of the EGO and is designed to help you ascend alongside your EGO and move to a perfect future together.

This is a donation only course and is available for all who feel that they could benefit from it!


Gordon Smith Durán

of The Hypnosis Academy and Peaceful Rebellion channel


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As we move forward in our own self development and progress through this time of the Great Awakening, it’s important that we work on our own, personal awakening. To help in this process, Gordon, with help from others, has developed a course that allows us to begin to realign our EGO and allow it to evolve along with us.

This course is available for everyone and is a donation only course. Please feel free to download it. If you are able to offer something in return, then that would be very welcome. However, if you aren’t in a position to do so, please download it anyway. All we would ask is that you pay this forward by helping others in the way that is aligned to your own purpose.

A donation can be made here:

This course includes:

  • What inspired this course
  • The games that the EGO plays
  • The EGO re-frame
  • Meeting the EGO
  • Eliciting relationship values
  • Live VALUES sessions
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Three I AM beliefs
  • Creating new beliefs – The process

There are two separate courses in one, and so you have a second session that you can use to watch the processes being used with other members of the group.

Please enjoy and share this course to those who you feel would gain benefit from it. God bless you!

Gordon Smith Durán.

Dip Hyp NLP Practitioner


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