Messages from our Higher Selves whilst in hypnosis.

Over the years I’ve noticed that our Higher Selves come through in very similar ways. What I’m not saying is that we are dealing with the same energy each time, rather, that there seems to be a very clear in the way that they communicate with us.

What stands out to me the most is that our Higher Selves don’t waste words. When they speak, they are efficient, clear, concise and, above all, they are not the slightest bit ‘chatty’.

What is the structure of our Higher Self’s message?

  • The main theme that I hear repeated is that we already know the answer to the questions that we are asking. They often say things like: “She’s just asking because she doesn’t trust herself.” Or: “He already knows this.”
  • The other, most important message is that all is well. My clients are often told that they are perfect as they are, that they are doing what they should be doing and that, they are fulfilling their purpose.

Of course, the Higher Self often takes the opportunity to guide and gently nudge the person to do more of what they should be doing and less of what they shouldn’t. However, I have never yet heard a Higher Self talk badly of the person or criticise them.

Their communication is always one of love and of support and care.

What I find most gratifying is they way that these interactions with the Higher Self are often life changing. When my client comes back to the present moment with the words ‘Wow!’, I know that it has been a valuable experience for them. (90% of the time, that is the very first word that they utter once out of trance.)

Here are some snippets from our Higher Selves and the messages that they offer:

To see the full video just click HERE

Is this kind of experience for you?

My answer to that question is ‘yes’. If you want to open up a greater connection with your Higher Self, then this process is the right one for you. Contact me, Gordon, to find out more about my availability.


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