Past life regression and Higher Self work in Hypnosis

In this incredible moment in which we are living, amidst the Great Awakening, many people are seeking out answers to who they really are. We all want to know what our life purpose is and why we have been put here right at this moment. They say that to know where you are, you needContinue reading “Past life regression and Higher Self work in Hypnosis”

Chair Therapy – Relationship trauma resolution

In all of the years that I have had the pleasure of helping my clients, what has become apparent is that many of their issues have come about because of the relationship they had as children with the adults around them. Clearly, the two most significant adults in a child’s life are their parents. WhenContinue reading “Chair Therapy – Relationship trauma resolution”

Healing the Child and the Past – Releasing trauma

We often meet many people who seem to go through this life as though they were riding with a buckled wheel. They seem to go from one difficult situation to another and rarely have a smooth ride. The question is: Where did they buckle that wheel in the first place? The answer, of course, isContinue reading “Healing the Child and the Past – Releasing trauma”

Messages from our Higher Selves whilst in hypnosis.

Over the years I’ve noticed that our Higher Selves come through in very similar ways. What I’m not saying is that we are dealing with the same energy each time, rather, that there seems to be a very clear in the way that they communicate with us. What stands out to me the most isContinue reading “Messages from our Higher Selves whilst in hypnosis.”