Chair Therapy for holistic change: Home course


Chair Therapy is a therapy tool that will change the way that you work with your clients. Working with the emotional body in Hypnosis, you can help your client to free themselves from the past and release emotions that have kept them trapped and stuck for the entire life!

This is a must tool for any serious therapist who wants to help the world.


This course is designed to take you through a step by step process of learning how to help your client to clear up emotional hurt and to forgive the past. This will help your client to set themselves free! This course requires you to use hypnosis, and so be sure to have completed the ‘Clinical Hypnosis‘ course before you start with this one.

Chair Therapy Course content:

  • How to dig down and reveal your client’s emotions
  • Live demonstrations of the ‘digging down’ process
  • Taking your client through the change process
  • Live demonstrations of the process of Chair Therapy
  • The Therapy Intention
  • The Magic behind Chair Therapy
  • Understanding Forgiveness and it’s healing effects
  • Coping with Angry Clients
  • Multiple LIVE sessions of each step
  • Detailed supporting Paperwork


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